Baby Diapers Stocklots

Our Baby diapers are readily available and ready for export.

Loading capacity: 15 ton a 40ft container.

Size: Maxi S. junior. To XL

Availability: .


Owing to our wide distribution network and the fastest transit system, buyers can receive their orders on timely basis. To maintain high-quality standards, we make certain that the assortment of products is kept safe with utmost proficiency. We keep the products well stacked in order to avoid any damage.

Common Features : Wide Frontal Tape Refasten able side attachments tapes Full matted absorbent core Contoured cut anatomic shape elastic legs Interior cloth hydrophobic leak barrier along the leg area Leg cuffs around the legs to avoid leakage (leak barriers) Excellent absorption

Details : 1 Bale= +/-250 kg 1x 40 HC FC= +/-64 Bales 1x 40 HC FC= +/-15000 KG Ratio of usable is +/-85% usable +/-15% irregular and/or repairable and unknown 1 kg is about 30-35 Diapers 1x HC FC= +/-450000 Diapers

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